The User Journey: Checkout Scenario Nemero Uno

I purchased $300 in merch. I had to cancel the orders because they needed to verify I was a real or something. I had to wait a week, because of this strange checkout process, to get my order processed and shipped, but decided to cancel it. I only have 30 days to return and I had planned to try them and return some. One reason I bought so much. But CM couldn’t close the deal because they needed me to prove I was the card owner but it took 3 days to get the deposit for proof – anyway all items were on hold. Too much trouble. Just canceled order still on hold and went to another company. This happens too much even with Amazon. I have adandoned the cart so much online at checkout. Items in cart – ready to pay – but I’m in a tunnel now and can’t go back, review – I’m tramped in a checkout tunnel with only two was to go. Pay or close the browser / start over. So becaue I’m not sure about an item, I have to leave the cart go back to the home page and reclick the cart, then redo the process oops, I need to check again to be sure, oh well – don’t want to start over, so I close the browser and they loose the sale.

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